Paint your own marzipan

Paint your own marzipan at home

Do you want to paint marzipan yourself or surprise your friend with a painting giftbox?


  • The box includes two marzipan figurines, one brush and four cups with paint powder.
  • Cover the table to prevent it from getting dirty. Use handkerchiefs to clean and dry the brush.
  • Prepare a cup of water and a plate for mixing the colours.
  • Put some paint powder on the plate.
  • Wet the brush and stir the powder until it becomes paint.
  • Use more water for lighter colours. Always paint lighter colours first.
  • Once the figurines have been painted, add the details – eyes, mouth, ears, etc.
  • When the figurines are finished, leave them to dry in the air for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You can eat the figurines right away or keep them.