Marzipan room

The Marzipan room gives a good overview about the history of marzipan – how it was produced at pharmacies in the Middle Ages and how it later became known as a popular sweet. At the exhibition there are almost 200 marzipan figures, which have been produced with molds that are over a hundred years old.

Among other marzipan figures there is one that is truly special. That small marzipan girl was a present from a young man to his beautiful bride-to-be in 1936. They got married and lived happily for 50 years. After their death their retired daughter returned the figure to the shop where his father had bought it decades ago. The marzipan girl has now found an honorable place in the room among the other exhibits.

In the Marzipan room you can follow the fine art of marzipan painting: there is a working painter, who paints marzipan figures according to the visitor’s wishes, adding to them personal wishes or the like.

The exhibition features additional information boards in Estonian, English, German and Finnish about the history of marzipan making in Tallinn. Great part of the exhibition is dedicated to a Baltic German Georg Stude, who in the middle of the 19th century laid the foundation for marzipan making at the same location. History is illustrated with photos of the old production process, historical persons and also the most interesting packages from late 19th century to the first half of 20th century.

The researcher Otto Kubo, who has been employed by Kalev ltd already since 1955, can tell you interesting stories about marzipan and its history in the Marzipan room. If you would like to come to listen to his stories at a certain time, it is reasonable to agree on that in advance (phone number of the Marzipan room is (372) 64 64 192).

Visitors can also buy handmade marzipan figures and delicious assorted chocolate sweets from the Marzipan room. You can also choose on site gift boxes according to your taste and liking.